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How We Can Help

Personal Image - Appearance Medispa Clinic specialises in anti-aging and appearance enhancement treatments. Today's technology has now evolved so that with non-invasive cosmetic surgery, you can improve your 'Personal Image' dramatically.

We use top of the range, quality equipment and all equipment is regularly maintained ensuring you get the best possible results.

At Personal Image you can be assured that all treatments and processes are carried out by trained medical professionals who specialises in appearance medicine. Our nursing staff are continually updating their skills by regularly attending industry training courses.

We are client focused, individually accessing a clients requirements in a professional manner, offering a realistic approach to client expectations.

Our clinic location is in Auckland's CBD, but we also work from mobile clinics from the Central North Island and Northland areas.

To find out more information, either click around our website, or contact us on 09 377 6568 or email

Personal Image - Appearance Medispa Clinic. Phone 09 377 6568. Email